In the high Yang energy of July, how can you create a Yin bedroom?

Your home needs to work hard for you. It has to accomodate all aspects of your daily modern life: cooking, bathing, entertaining, TV viewing, kids, and more and more ~ work. However, most importantly ~ SLEEP.

Sleep is so often the thing that’s most compromised and yet without consistent, good quality sleep our wellbeing suffers.

Think about your home as having both public or Yang areas and private or Yin areas. Yang spaces are high energy, creative, active, light and fast. Yin spaces are quiet, dark and slow.

By extension, nature has cycles of both Yin and Yang energy. Summer is nature’s high Yang energetic time. Daylight hours are long, temperatures are hot and this is generally a time of high creative productivity for many people. So how do you ensure you get good sleep through this time?

Consider these elements for your bedroom:


  • Go for warm light sources, including atmospheric lamps and candles rather than cool overhead lighting
  • Be able to create a dark space either through blackout blinds, heavy window coverings or a combination of both.


  • Cooler is preferred over warmer. If possible open a window, or have an air purifying system.
  • Air quality is an intangible thing and often overlooked, but can make an enormous difference to the quality of your sleep.



  • Avoid overly polished surfaces such as marble or steel, instead use woods, soft rugs, natural linen bedding, wools, cottons, and silks that you’ll touch everyday.
  • Consider the space visually and include chunky knits along side smooth silks. These contrasting textures will  be comforting to your eye.

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