How To Hang Your Gallery Wall of Art

You have several pieces of art you’ve collected along the way and rather than put up a single lonely piece of art, you’re feeling the urge to create a whole wall of art. Think about those cold and dingy hallways that allow you to move from room to room. The untapped potential for a gallery wall of art is… well, exciting and something you can do.

 Choose Your Wall

  • Your wall will determine the available space you have to work with.
  • Keep the wall colour neutral to allow the art to be the focus OR use a bold accent wall colour to use as a backdrop for your art.
  • Be intentional and use the majority of the wall space.

How Can I Organize My Collection?

  • Group by Theme: Portraits, landscapes, children’s artwork, abstracts, or photographs – each theme should all be grouped together.
  • Group by Colour: Artwork is an additional accessory and its colours should also be found in the space in soft fabrics, furniture, rugs, and wall colour.
  • Group by Frames: Keep the frames all the same style and colour, or vary the frames and keep the theme the focus. Either way will work in creating an intentional collection.

Where to Start?

  • Choose 2 or 3 larger pieces to anchor the collection – fill in with smaller pieces of art.
  • Create a layout on the floor first and take photos so you have a visual reminder of the placement of your pieces when you move them from the floor to the wall.
  • You may want to view your photos before moving them to better visualize your collection once it’s on the wall.

HEIGHT – Art Walls Above No Furniture:

  • ¬†Hang a single piece 60″H – or approximate eye level and centered on the wall
  • Hang multiple frames stacked on top of one another by measuring all the frames as a whole first, then mount them 60″H from the center of the whole to the floor
  • Stick to this rule no matter what your own height is

HEIGHT – Art Walls Above Furniture:

  • Hang art low enough so the art and furniture feel like a cohesive single piece and visually connect as a whole.
  • Position the bottom of the frame between 6″ – 10″ above the top of the furniture.
  • Start from the center of the furniture and and move out.

But Wait… I Don’t Own Any Art!

Not to worry. There are so many online sources offering pieces of art under $250. Source by theme or style.


Abstract Art: West Elm, Uncommon Goods, Minted, Etsy, Anthropologie



Graphic Art

Final Hanging Tips:

  • Resist the urge to hang together every piece of art you own. Ask yourself “what is the story I want to tell?” Group each story together on one wall. Tell other stories throughout your home.
  • Stay clear of the obvious and widely photographed subjects. Think the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon.
  • Protect your art from direct sunlight and warm lighting.
  • Utilize your hallway spaces, powder rooms, even walk-in closets.
  • Hang your art within 6″ – 10″ above the top of furniture or anything that will be under your art.
  • Hang your gallery as a single piece from 60″H from the center of the whole to the floor.
  • Hang your art without leaving any holes in the wall!

Photography by Stephanie Lamy