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Biophilia is defined as the aim to bring as much nature inside as possible. The effects of nature’s qualities on health are not only spiritual and emotional but physical and neurological. So why not create a holiday table that celebrates nature? Alongside fabulous food, wine and conversation, nature will play its role in enhancing your overall health and humanity. Continue reading


The word primal evokes the idea of basic essentials, something that’s intrinsic and elemental. Kitchens today, are often an open-concept affair with the dining/living room all within view. There is often an island that serves as a workstation and for entertaining ~ sometimes at the same time. This kind of kitchen can be the beating heart of your home.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about this colourful time of local fruits, vegetable and flowers all around us, making this THE perfect time to focus on your kitchen, to engage in easy entertaining.

Here is the post in case you missed it.

Some things to consider:

  • make displays of loved utensils
  • consider sturdy shelves laden with a mass of plates and pans ready for action
  • take a door or two off the upper cabinets and openly display collected pottery you use on a regular basis
  • incorporate warmth with slabs of wood, marble or stone ~ even in the form of serving boards
  • other materials such as zinc, and handmade tiles feel less finished and do not stay perfect over time, which adds to your kitchen charm.

This is really about thinking of your kitchen as a workshop!

I encourage you to follow the ideology that an intentional environment can liberate individuality and your potential. The space you create is meant to foster a relief from the external pressures of daily life. So consider the materials, the colours and any added details you use as a reflection of you personal story.

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Do you need to get rid of your stuff to spark joy?

The other night while hosting a dinner party, a friend confided that she just doesn’t get the decluttering thing and went on to say, almost apologetically, that she really loves her stuff.

She loves to come home and be surrounded by her things at the end of a long day. When she thinks about traveling, she thinks again. Given a choice she’s very happy to stay in her place surrounded by the things she has lovingly chosen.

I was deeply surprised when she went on to say that she feels guilty for not wanting to clear out her rooms, to tidy up and let go of her items. Guilty!

Michael Prokopow likes stuff and works as a cultural historian and curator teaching courses at OCAD University on topics in material culture. He thinks a lot about how ideas get made into material things, and then how and why we get attached to them?

When I think about Michael and my friend, they have many things around them, but it’s not the things themselves they’re collecting, it’s the feeling the things bring to them. It’s the experience of deep connection, memory, happiness, comfort and peace. This is the true definition of abundance.

You Are What You Have…

In a world overflowing with things, how do you define abundance? How do you feel good about the stuff you have around you? One definition is having a large amount of something, but it’s also defined by the plentifulness of a feeling, an experience. When you look around your living/work spaces, are your surroundings bringing you a sense of purpose, calmness and flow? Or do they make you feel hurried, a little chaotic and far too busy?

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Ask yourself: When I look around my living/work spaces are my surroundings bringing me a sense of purpose, calmness, and flow? Or… do they make me feel like running away!

In a world overflowing with things ~ how do you define abundance? One definition is having a large amount of something.

But is this the 2019 definition?

Shouldn’t abundance also be defined by the rush of joy you feel surrounded by some open space with a few well chosen items that hold value and give you a positive feeling, or an experience. Leave space for the intangible, the things not often noticed but deeply influence our wellbeing, our relationships.


In my MATERIALS VS MATERIALISM post I’ve discussed the importance of knowing what you have and asking yourself are these things important to you? We know that having lots of things does not mean feeling abundant necessarily. Sometimes the things around us are not always the tangible, seeable things either.


Energy is that intangible thing that flows unnoticed throughout our homes with glowing/flickering particles that emanate from our light bulbs, music soundwaves, electrical wires, currents of heat from our radiators.

Consider these small changes:

  • TV’s can disappear behind a cabinet
  • Air vents can be painted to look like marble matching the room’s style


  • Experiment with contrasts and not just black & white, but with SCALE. Paring something very thin with something very wide
  • A few well chosen pieces of furniture will feel fresh and give you space to move around
  • Minimalize your visual clutter


  • Use a classic design as a base and to this add something abstract or modern. For example a classic timeless sofa with an abstract piece of art hanging above
  • Add vintage touches and give your spaces a story

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