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Biophilia is defined as the aim to bring as much nature inside as possible. The effects of nature’s qualities on health are not only spiritual and emotional but physical and neurological. So why not create a holiday table that celebrates nature? Alongside fabulous food, wine and conversation, nature will play its role in enhancing your overall health and humanity. Continue reading


This second post of my Paint Colour Series is the opposite design trick from my last post. By using darker tones on the smaller areas the lighter areas appear larger. Most people want to create as much light and space in a room as they can. Using lighter colours on the walls, which is the biggest space, with a darker tone on doors, trim and baseboards is the easiest way to achieve this. Continue reading


Colour is powerful, subtle, revealing, mysterious, joyful and complex ~ doesn’t it sound like you?


SO many studies have been done on the psychology of colour and its effects on humans and animals and for a reason. Start to pay attention to how you feel when you walk into a space, any space. Take a moment and make a call on how the colours are affecting how you feel. This small moment can reveal so much to you about how you’re personally affected by colours that surround you. Take this awareness and apply it to the spaces in which you spend time.

Perhaps some changes can be made… even small changes can be game changers!

Enrich your energy by making your surroundings work for you. Lightness of colour has to do with how much white or black is mixed into it. White reflects light, while black absorbs it. Light pink and sky blue are more energizing than burgundy and navy because they reflect more light.


Paint a wall a favourite shade, start with one wall or a small area. Test first to see how the existing light affects the colour. Fail proof steps to follow. Check out  A FAIL PROOF GUIDE TO FINDING THE PERFECT PAINT COLOUR

Look to nature, the colour combinations are never wrong and can be very inspiring.

If staying with neutral shades, choose whites with yellow or red undertones to create a warm glow over the pure whites that have blue undertones.

My red undertone favourites are: F&B Pointing No. 2003 & Dimity No. 2008. For yellow undertone colours F&B Shaded White No. 201 or Matchstick No. 2013 (Any paint samples can be matched by any paint company).

Look to the colour combinations of Henri Matisse for some shortcuts for finding colour combinations that elevate your energy. The master of using the colours of Matisse is Tricia Guild

Instagram and Pinterest are posting their favourite at the moment which is

Photo by Melissa Chabot on Unsplash

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