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It’s hard to feel upbeat and energized when everyone around you looks sallow and run down. With the introduction of LEDs, suddenly a lightbulb is no longer just a light bulb ~ but no one talks about this very much.

We have been in transition from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs, but many are hanging on the old incandescent bulbs because they don’t like the light of LED bulbs.

It used to be, when you screwed in a supermarket lightbulb it was always going to burn at the colour temp of 2700 degrees Kelvin, which is very warm and flattering to the skin.
With the introduction of LED’s suddenly a light bulb is no longer just a light bulb.

HINT: Always look for LED lighting that is between 2700 – 3000 degrees Kelvin (it’s written on the package). Avoid lighting with 4000 – 5000 degrees Kelvin which is cool and extremely unflattering light, and draining to spend time with.

1.Make sure all of your LEDs are max 3000 degrees Kelvin
2. Keep walls light and bring in bursts of bright colour. Even small pops of colour can reflect enough light to energize a dingy space.
3. Lighten the surfaces, walls, counters, floors and cabinets. Dark colours look sophisticated but they absorb light.
4. Swap out beige/neutral throws & pillows for yellows, fuchsias, or pastel colours. This can have the effect of a whole room feeling warmer for relatively low cost.

Remember…light affects colour, and colour affects light

We may have always been aware of the way colour affects light in a space, but now with the LEDs we need to consider how light affects colour! Noticing colour and light will change your world around you. Public murals, window boxes, and graffiti can become little gifts – giving you small infusions of warmth and life.

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

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