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Modern Minimalist Living…Now

What We Surround Ourselves With Matters.

Colour, nature and minimalist intention for what is now.

The need to clean up your rooms and live with less to increase your comfort in day to day living has always been key to modern minimalist living. Now…  this need for your home to rise up and deliver, has gone from real and strong to real-er and stronger? Continue reading


Biophilia is defined as the aim to bring as much nature inside as possible. The effects of nature’s qualities on health are not only spiritual and emotional but physical and neurological. So why not create a holiday table that celebrates nature? Alongside fabulous food, wine and conversation, nature will play its role in enhancing your overall health and humanity. Continue reading

Grow Fresh Air… With Plants

Plants add beauty to any room. In fact, plants are my tchotchkes. I will happily use plants to soften awkward corners, create softness when dotted around books, or with edible herbs in a kitchen. Talk about inspiring creativity! And speaking of herbs, I highly recommend this herb salad from one of my favourite chefs Yotam Ottolenghi.

Not only do plants add beauty in any space, they have the potential to clean the air. Below is a list of the top ranking air purifying plants. I’ve specifically chosen ones that are also easy to care for, that prefer semi-sun conditions, like to be misted often and have different leaf textures so they look fabulous when grouped together! The exception is the Dwarf Date Palm which looks best standing alone.

Note: Misting plants can mean that water gets into unwanted places. I handle this by moving them into the bath or shower twice a month and turning the spray nozzle on them all and give them all a good soak, washing down all the leaves and letting them drain. You can almost see them grow on the spot!

Areca Palm –  They pump lots of moisture into interior spaces.

Lady Palm – With its hairy, main trunk it’s exceptionally resistant to insects.

Dwarf Date Palm – One of the best palms for removing indoor pollutants. Can grow to the height of 5 – 6 ft, but this is a very slow process. Give this one space by itself and even highlight it’s glory with some spot lighting.

Boston Fern – Hanging baskets or places for the fronds to droop down are best for this one. Thrives in moist environments so misting and watering consistently is important.

English Ivy – A vigorous climber, making it ideal for hanging baskets, or placing on the tops of shelving and allowing it to cascade down. Can benefit from spending time outdoors in warmer weather months.

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Photo by Diego Botero on Unsplash