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Biophilia is defined as the aim to bring as much nature inside as possible. The effects of nature’s qualities on health are not only spiritual and emotional but physical and neurological. So why not create a holiday table that celebrates nature? Alongside fabulous food, wine and conversation, nature will play its role in enhancing your overall health and humanity. Continue reading

Focus On Your Story

In this age of information we are living in a time of intangibles.

Friendships are forged from our devices, trade is completed without money, we communicate without speaking and love is found online.

And the more detached we are from the physical the more we crave it. So how can we create something in our homes that balances this time we find ourselves living in? Continue reading


This second post of my Paint Colour Series is the opposite design trick from my last post. By using darker tones on the smaller areas the lighter areas appear larger. Most people want to create as much light and space in a room as they can. Using lighter colours on the walls, which is the biggest space, with a darker tone on doors, trim and baseboards is the easiest way to achieve this. Continue reading