Do You Need To Collaborate With An Interior Designer?

You may feel that hiring someone to help you with your space is going to be a negative, if not also costly, experience. Here are some reasons why.

  • It might be too expensive
  • You might not know what to say or where to start and feel self-conscious
  • You might feel intimidated
  • You might be embarrassed by your current space
  • A designer is going to tell you what to should do and you won’t like the ideas
  • He/She will be bossy
  • You might feel awkward and will have paid money to feel this way about yourself, your home and lifestyle ~ ugh

Working with will not feel this way AT ALL! Here are 3 approaches we always consider with every client:

  1. COLLABORATION – collaborating with our clients are our favourite projects. The ones where we can be the guide-on-the-side, rather than the large-and-in-charge force who enters your space. Most clients know on a deep-heartfelt level what they love and what they don’t. In many cases, what is placed in their homes has just sort of happened without much consideration of an overall look or feel.
  2. THE BALL IS ROLLING – sometimes all that is needed is an objective eye to “see” your space from a fresh perspective ~ a view from the other side, if you like. This can give you a fresh perspective of how your space might flow better, and create better use of the space based on your lifestyle.
  3. SHOPPING AT HOME – is something we remind clients of all the time. You have treasured pieces, or the beginning of a colour scheme, or items you will never part with in a gazillion years. Showcasing these will personalize your space and tell your story.

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Photo by Jonas Vincent on Unsplash