Focus On Your Story

In this age of information we are living in a time of intangibles.

Friendships are forged from our devices, trade is completed without money, we communicate without speaking and love is found online.

And the more detached we are from the physical the more we crave it. So how can we create something in our homes that balances this time we find ourselves living in?

Four Ways to Humanize Your Space:

  1. Take a humanist approach to your home by investing in materials that you touch, feel and use everyday. It may be a one-of-a kind artisan statement piece made by someone you’ve met on your travels, or who works locally in your part of the world.
  2. Use sustainable pieces that improve in their perfection with dents and scratches acquired over time. There is evidence of workmanship and attention to detail and evidence of pride in the art of craft. They are timeless in design, with simple lines.
  3. Choose sensual and tactile items to engage all of your senses. Contrasting textiles, such as silk and wool. Create favourite playlists that feed your soul. Add colours you find soothing, and calming. Cook, just cook.
  4. Incorporate materials like wood. The architect Frank Lloyd Wright said “it’s the most humanely intimate of all materials”. Linens are also a very intimate material, softening against our skin, while wool connects us to nature.

These materials all share a long history. When we use them in our spaces we tap into a longer story of creativity. Mold this in a way that’s unique to you and that will enhance your wellbeing.

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Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash