August is a wonderful time of year! The growing season has had some time to do its thing and the richness of flowers, fruits and vegetables are bountiful.

Celebrate this time with four easy entertaining, table layout ideas that will allow you to feel relaxed so your family & friends also feel relaxed.

  1. Flow:

We have all seen it happen, no matter how much you arrange to have people eat from trays of food in the open plan living area they will always gravitate back into the kitchen and stand around the island. Even when there are platters of food in the living room with comfortable seating.

It’s a mystery….

I no longer try to engineer this. Instead, I place boards of food on the kitchen island, offer drinks, play music, create soft lighting and let people do what they will, which is usually stand around the island. Stand back and watch conversation flow.

2. Food:

Choose foods that can be easy to make ahead of time, serve casually on boards, tapas style where everyone shares and has personal choice. Showcase the season’s best, make it colourful, fresh and easy to eat. My inspiration these days comes from https://lisadawnbolton.com/cookbook.

3. Flowers:

Fresh cut and causally arranged in simple glass jars add to the casual atmosphere you’re after. Or… try living lettuces. Grown hydroponically, they are showing up at our farmer’s markets and are so beautiful you can use them as table centerpieces.

Check out Dean & Yvonne’s site. http://thelocalfarm.ca/

4. Colour:

Finally, there will be glorious colour from all the flowers, fruits and vegetables, so keep napkins and other linens natural and un-patterned so nothing is competing for attention.

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Photo by Csengele Horn-Barta on Unsplash

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      Hi Dean & Yvonne, thank you so much! We really feel so lucky to have your fabulous produce as part of our meals almost daily!

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