First, the goal is to have the art be the focus, not the wall. The walls are the backdrop to everything else in the room especially your art! Even if you’re hanging a single piece of art on a large wall , its role remains the backdrop.

5 Steps To Follow:


  1. Begin by considering the whole room, furnishings, the flooring, the amount of natural light and the mood you’re wanting to create.
  2. Art tends to “talk” to other works of art, and you don’t want to miss that conversation ~ the same goes for furnishings. Find connections between the pieces perhaps by colour, theme, frames or style.
  3. If you want to showcase a piece of art, paint the trim, baseboards and doors the same colour as the walls. It’s a good trick.
  4. If you are showcasing bold graphic pieces, a backdrop that provides contrast is preferable. This could mean using pure white or a severe wall colour like Benjamin Moore Soot 2129-20 is a fantastic contrast!
  5. Lastly, think about the paint finish. Flat finish offers the least reflection followed by matte, eggshell and gloss. Flat is easier to touch up if you move your art around a lot.