Modern Minimalist Living…Now

What We Surround Ourselves With Matters.

Colour, nature and minimalist intention for what is now.

The need to clean up your rooms and live with less to increase your comfort in day to day living has always been key to modern minimalist living. Now…  this need for your home to rise up and deliver, has gone from real and strong to real-er and stronger?

Everything has Stopped.

Before the world stopped, the problem of too much stuff and how to live minimally could be answered in practical and tactile ways with a service, a method or product brought in to fix it. But when you want the feelings of normalcy and when the problem is emotional because your hearts have been traumatized, what are your next steps?

Your Minimalist Home… Now

  • Marie Kondo your stuff – if there was ever a time… it is now
  • create zones for work, study and play in your home using colour
  • embrace nature during this time of Spring’s new growth… it’s remarkably symbolic

Decluttering Your Rooms

A fan or not of Marie Kondo, her message to only surround yourself with what “sparks joy” is a valuable one. Necessity may dictate how your rooms are needed now, however this is your moment to use your rooms with intention, declutter and adhere to a pared-back aesthetic. Look for ways to live with simplicity and purpose.

Consider Beige

Beige offers a sandy fawn shade that is elegant, serene, warm and simple. It has the warmth of brown with the freshness and coolness of white. These are colours found in nature that are soothing and enriching. The difference between beige and cream is the latter is a dairy product and the former is a brown colour with a cream coloured tone.

The most popular shades of beige that will serve you for years to come are: F&B Slipper Satin No. 2004, F&B String No. 8, BM Stone Hearth CC-490, BM Stone House CC-120, and SW Accessible Beige – 7036.

If you have the current trend of grays throughout your home, a colour like SW Accessible Beige has gray undertones that will work in a chameleon-like way as the light moves through your rooms and connect with your existing gray tones. Or check out, Greige, a combined colour of beige and gray.

If painting is out of the question, use these colours as a colour mood board for other aspects of your rooms like art, fabrics, furniture and rugs.

Engage With Nature

Found Objects: foraged as a collection of dried plants, seed heads, stones and driftwood in the form of prints and patterns made modern when styled intentionally.

Textiles: use natural fabrics such as linens that feel emotionally and physically warm. Pair light fabrics with darker walls to prevent a scheme from feeling too rustic.

Bring In Plants

There are restorative powers in houseplants. NASA recommends roughly one plant every nine square meters for optimal air filtering. And there’s an app for that.

Create Zones For Living

Suddenly a home office, is needed. Your kids are home, yet school of some sort needs to continue. And… you’re cooking. Organize your kitchen to make that bread with your child to incorporate a little math into the day.

Ultimately living minimally is about our health – ours and the planet’s. Globally we are vulnerable in a whole new way and in this Great Pause the birds are singing in my urban neighbourhood, and the skies and oceans are cleaner.

As one astute 12 year old in my life said recently to her mom: “Mom we’re living in the future history class, we gotta get it right for the future generations.”

Designers have been saying for some time the importance of decluttering, and minimizing your ecological footprint. This has always been said in the context of what we should do to create a life that balances the world that is fast paced, urgent and demanding.

Then we did not have time. Maybe now is our moment.

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash