In my next three blogs, I’m exploring three ways you can decorate with paint. Today’s is how you can use the idea of LIGHT ON DARK as a decorating tool.

With this approach you’re going to use colour on your walls, keeping the baseboards, trim, and doors white. This is not all about drama, with bold colour contrasts but it can be if you want. Today I’ll show you examples you can use in your own homes or office spaces to create flow and uniformity throughout your rooms that feel fresh and calm.

My examples all come from Farrow & Ball, but any paint store will match these exact tones for you. I suggest you do this, rather than find a paint swatch from another company that is close in colour to the whites I suggest here. Rarely does this actually work. The undertone will be too cool or warm, too yellow or green or grey. Attention to this detail will make your project fabulous!

For every colour, there is a sympathetic white with a matching tone.

For example, if your colours are in the green range pair with James White. For colours in the red range pair with Dimity.

Following this guideline, your colour will fit tonaly with the whites, and you will notice the trim less and the space will feel bigger and calmer.

Three specific colour combinations that have been proven to work:





If you are not sure where to start, I can quickly take all of the decision making out of your hands and make a colour palette for your home or office.

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