The third and last post in the paint colour series is a method whereby only one colour is used to paint walls, trim, baseboards, and doors.

This will make your rooms feel bigger because there are no contrasts and you will be less aware of the confines of space.

This technique creates a feeling of openness and simplicity. It can be THE perfect backdrop for your art.

Note: Ceilings can be kept separate from the one colour approach and I generally use a colour such as All White. There are exceptions in rooms like small powder rooms where painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls will create a jewelry box effect.

Three ideas to try:

  1. Pavillion Blue for walls, trim, baseboards, and doors. If you would like to introduce another colour as a small backdrop to accent a display or to paint the inside of open shelves, or a bookcase try Calamine especially if you’re going for something slightly feminine and you wish the eye to be drawn to something specific.
  2. Citron on all walls, trim, baseboards and doors, if you’re looking for a bold and mood uplifting colour and where you want to inject energy into a tired space. Keep the ceiling All White.
  3. Tanner’s Brown in one room, leading into another room in Oval Room Blue, if you’re looking for a-one-colour-in-each-room approach. These colours converse well together. The trick is to blend the colours tonally. If there are doors involved, paint the inside of the door the same colour as the room.

If you are not sure where to start, I can quickly narrow down the decision making for you and create a colour palette for your home or office.

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