Painting With Light

In this time of world leaders and others asking we stay home, our priorities are shifting like grains of sand and the day to day normalcy has dramatically altered. Maximizing natural light and editing artificial light will dramatically help your psychological well being.

Light in your spaces is probably the single most important concept to address when it comes to making a home feel comfortable, inviting and grounding. When you walk into your space, do you subtly feel restless or impatient? If so, there’s a good chance your lighting needs some attention. Using light in all of its variations will make the fastest and most dramatic difference in your spaces.


Spring is officially here, the season of increasing natural light and  a sense of hope. Below are 5 ways you can “paint” using natural light.

  • Maximize the daylight you have, and observe how the light falls in your spaces over the course of a day
  • Consider the light when deciding which rooms to use when
  • Set up your work space in the brightest area of your home
  • Use minimal covering over windows to maximize the light
  • Skylights are wonderful to incorporate if you have this option


“to think clearly you need shadows” Ilise Crawford

Daylight is not our only need, we also need some dimness too. Shadows allow for intimacy and thought. Our imaginations require deep shadows and darkness to roam and this lets the other senses come alive as our vision dims.

  • Candles are your allies, bringing magical light into darkness and shifting the patterns of light and shadow
  • Dimmers for artificial lighting can be used strategically and change the quality of your space into a soothing one to allow you to rest and meditate

By “painting” with light and shadow, you’re instantly also creating texture, variation, and the balance of Yin and Yang into your spaces.

Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash



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