Pare Down – What are Your Essentials?

What does it really mean to restore the “humanist approach” to our spaces? Your home is an opportunity to put your stamp on a place and gives you a physical locale to focus on your ever evolving story.

Pare down to the essential, but don’t remove the poetry ~ Leonard Koren.

What you can do:

When choosing items for your home, always ask yourself, what story is this telling and is it connected to me?

WHY? Choose statement pieces because they immediately focus a room and you can live with less, but what you have makes an impact.

WHAT? A sofa, art gallery wall or a singular spectacular piece, an antique collectible.

HOW? Always edit, so what you choose is what you absolutely love, otherwise what’s the point?

Some things to consider:

Create a collection and buy a whole lot of one thing and display them for impact. For example, a collection of vintage glass bottles, or blue pottery. When similar items are grouped together the effect is intentional.

If plants speak to you, group them together for impact or to soften awkward corners in a room.

Choose materials that improve with time ~ the extra dents and scratches add to your story. Bring back treasures from your travels. The places you choose to visit may be because you love what is made by the artisans who live there. The Moroccan Tribal rugs, or Japanese Raku.

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Photo by Philipp Berndt on Unsplash