The reality for many of us, myself included, is that we are working in the city ALL summer long. There are no getaways. Instead, it the urban mess of noisy construction, hot dusty streets and yes, the boiling tempers of other city dwellers who’ve had enough.

My solution….

Find the gems of the city that help you feel a little calmer or even better ~ transported away as if you’re momentarily in another place, in another part of the world.

Such a place for me is the Italian Di Beppe Cafe. This special cafe/ristorante is a “young Italian restaurant with an old Italian soul”. This special gem adds significantly to the sense of neighbourhood here in Gastown. The same people stop by regularly, and the servers know my name and I know theirs. Best of all, though, they have created an intimate community within the larger context of the impersonal city.

When I sit at one of their little round bistro tables, drinking The. Best. Coffee. I’m transported to Italy. Mosaic tiled floors, dark wooden bistro tables, large windows with beautiful natural light and background music just loud enough to create atmosphere. As I sit and absorb the energy of this space, my energy shifts from a place of slight agitation from the constant buzz of the city around me to one of equilibrium within myself.

I encourage you to find that special one-off spot that might be a family run caffe, a unique flower boutique, or even a parket. Yes, one of those once parking spaces now transformed into green public spaces for people to gather.

Do you have a gem of a place that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.

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