Small Spaces & The Large Sofa

I am the space where I am. ~ Noel Arnaud

Make a place where you can surround yourself with the things that have meaning for you, that gives you a sense of self, where you can feel safe and relaxed. In a small apartment or condo that place is often the sofa. Or, more preferable the sofa sectional.

Choose one that is a big as possible for the space even though this may feel counterintuitive in a 650 sq ft or less condo. They often come in sections that are joined together once placed in your space and the legs can be attached. This way, you’re certain to get it into your space.

Below are a few reasons for you to consider the sofa sectional….

It will become the focal point in the space. You want this, so pair back onĀ  those small side chairs, and extra side tables. Add a cosy area rug to ground and anchor the area and you’ll never want to leave.

It will read as a single piece giving your space room to breathe. You will have flow and balance between this large piece and any small items such as a coffee table, large floor pillows and books etc.

Consider the height and depth of the seat, arms and back to ensure that the sofa supports the many sedentary habits of modern life. I like to think of it as a room within a room.

If you’re willing to share, it will seat lots of people. Family and friends can sit grouped together in the L-shaped form in a natural way facing one another, rather than sitting in a row along a single sofa which is awkward and will stilt the natural flow of good conversation.

Finally, the sofa sectional is an invitation to luxuriate in unscheduled free time which is one of the biggest luxuries in modern life that needs to be fiercely defended.

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