Small Spaces And Colour

Today I’m focussing on colour scheme.

Many people recommend using light colours in small spaces to make the space feel bigger.

This is an over-simplification.

It all depends on the existing natural light, the mood you’re wanting to create, personal style, and what you’re hanging on your walls.

In a North facing space and especially one with no natural light, avoid stark whites which will only look dull and will show shadows.

Strong colours can be wonderfully theatrical and yet cozy! Try Sherwin Williams Tricorn BlackF&B Railings, or F&B Downpipe.

The dark colour will add drama, so keep it monochromatic elsewhere. However, metallics are welcome such as golds, silvers, and coppers. These will give your eye a break from the dark colour.

Effective Trick: If your entrance hall has no natural light, paint it in a dark colour and it will exude glamour when you arrive. Paint every room leading from it with lighter colours and the overall effect will feel bigger and brighter! Continue the dark tones of this colour throughout the space with fabrics, rugs or pottery.

Interconnect your rooms so there is a feeling of subtle flow between the rooms. Do this with a tone on tone approach by using similar undertones or using colours that have equal strength. Below is a combination that can work very well.

Below are a group of colours that create tender, blushing rooms, that become perfect sanctuaries in our busy modern lives. Use Pink Ground on the walls, the darker Setting Plaster on the trim. Tallow on the ceiling will add warmth and Mahogany is the ideal accent colour to complement these tones. Of course, always keep in mind the light conditions and the mood you’re looking for.

Mahogany No. 36

Pink Ground No. 202

Setting Plaster No. 231

Tallow No. 203

All examples are from Farrow & Ball (All can be matched by your local paint store).

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