The Circular Economy – How Do You Consume?

I do not create alone, I need you….

As a designer, it is my joy to create spaces that raise your quality of life. When you walk into your space and feel a deep sense of peace and joy – this is the most uplifting part of my job.

I need you, and skilled tradespeople, artisans and in fact a whole community to make your dream space a reality. We need each other, we work together, ideas are shared and made better as a result.

I call this the Circular Economy. I have borrowed this term from a ubiquitous movement of reusing materials, the shared car economy, and buying locally, to name but two mainstream shifts. Here is how you can use this concept in your own spaces.


  • Marie Kondo has become a household name in the world of editing our material things and she has many thoughts about how to do this. One thing she has absolutely right is “let go of everything that doesn’t spark joy”.
  • Items that are in good condition can easily be passed on to second hand shops and flea markets. In this rising cultural tide of finding existing treasures, never before have we seen these shops so accessible, beautifully lit and well curated.


  • Think about what is abundance for you. Often it will mean, less is more. Leaving you more time to do the things with the people you love, rather than caring for the excess of space and items you don’t really use nor enjoy.
  • Rome wasn’t created in a day is a good motto to keep in mind. Once you’ve removed what no longer is going to be part of your next home journey, you’ll be able to see the space. Allow time to live in it, feel your space and discover what you value now.

Only buy quality items when you need something new and balance this with quality used items you’ve found and love. This balance between the polished and the rough-around-the-edges approach is what feeds us and reminds us of who we are.

There are many people who are seeking some deeper meaning in life and trying to nudge the world in a better direction. No one creates the good life alone. We depend on each other and can use each other to attain a better life for all.

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

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  1. Carine McEwen

    Lucy, your post is brilliant and a pleasure to read. Thank you for expressing your work as an interior designer so precisely and so well. In addition to sharing your advices you take in consideration the world we live in. Thank you

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