Wabi-sabi is the beauty of things imperfect

It is the beauty of things modest and humble

It is the beauty of things unconventional

We live in a modern world of high tech, polished, smooth surfaces and mass produced things that are geometric and ordered in shape and form. As we approach the start of 2020, this may be a time to view your home with an observant eye that includes the lens from a Wabi-sabi perspective.

What You Can Do – 5 Elements To Consider:

  1. Choose things that are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Materials that are visibly vulnerable to the effects of weathering. They record the sun, wind, heat and cold in a language of discoloration yet still possess strength of character.
  2. Choose things with irregular or odd shapes, such as hand-made pottery where every cup has its own unique details.
  3. Choose things that are made from materials not far from the earth. They are rough in texture and strongly invite you to touch.
  4. Choose colours that were once sharp and saturated but are now faded into muddy earth tones, smoky hues of gray-blue browns, muted greens and faded pastels. There is an infinite spectrum of colours and they are not immediately defined as one or the other.
  5. Choose materials that are sensual for your eyes and your touch. Natural and unbleached, such as cottons, linens, hemp and recycled paper.

Including the principles of Wabi-sabi as an approach to redesigning your spaces, no matter how small or large the changes is a way to also redesign your life. The relationship between your spaces and yourself has carried a psychological connection for centuries.

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